About vulnerable

I call my gallery section my “Artwork” because I think that; as amateur as my photography can be. I can (try to) display certain feelings, or emotions, or certain phisycal beauty,  even ugliness which can be beautiful in its own way, and that is art to me.

Call me crazy but I believe “sexy” is viewed in a narrow manner. Perhaps a girl wearing the latest lingerie collection is the most current expression of sexiness. Or perhaps a more retro look is, but one thing is pervasive; us girls just want to be sexy. The way we look, the way we act, the way we move, makeup etc… But what is to be sexy?

To be sexy is to reduce the artfice to its minimun.

I can’t sleep. Happy holidays.


2 thoughts on “About vulnerable

  1. I believe that “being sexy” or sexiness is a demonstration of a subtle power influencing and thereby controlling ones emotional psyche. Beautiful lingerie on a woman, or a tight fitting t-shirt on a guy (SEXY REALLY???) are standing visuals of inner fantasy that are reenacted causing an arousal. The response may be variable. One may become horny and that is sexy. One may become intimidated in the face of that and may feel resentment or shame. Many thought JFK was sexy…many thought him to be physically attractive. I propose that the power of his presidency conferred a level of sexiness felt by others. I believe the entire Monica L. affair was steeped in a power play Mr Bill exploited. Feeling sexy about oneself is feeling gratified in someway of having ability to control an outcome of an individual, a nation or even a society. The media helps shape our values as to what is sexy. To me, resisting that message hype is a rebuttal of the media message and self prevailing. That sends a powerful counter message by somebody who resists. For me that is sexy.

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